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AtHome Camera - Home Security is a tool that allows you to transform your Android device into a video surveillance camera that you can monitor from another device, whether that be your computer or another mobile phone.

Just like with any other good video surveillance system, AtHome Camera - Home Security allows you to set the device to record as soon as the camera detects movement. And not just that. When the motion detector is activated, it will also send you an email alert.

Another very interesting feature of AtHome Camera - Home Security is that, in addition to activating the motion detector, you can set a fixed time when the app will always begin to record and the time when it will stop.

As an extra bonus, AtHome Camera - Home Security also allows you to connect to some famous surveillance cameras, such as one that is connected to the Statue of Liberty or one in the elevator of the Hilton Hotel in Miami.

AtHome Camera - Home Security is a useful, easy-to-use video surveillance tool that allows you to convert your old phones into true security cameras.
How to create a home videosecurity system

There are lots of ways to easily set up a camera to remotely view its image in real time. The AtHome tools let you create online interconnections between both mobile and smartphone devices to remotely view the outputs of webcams and integrated cameras.
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Requires Android 2.1 or later.

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